29 Nov



New Sufjan!

29 Aug

Sufjan Stevens – “I Walked”

Sufjan Stevens’s new song is pretty unbelievable. It is a far cry from his usual emotion drenched lyrics and slow acoustic sound. This time around Stevens approaches with a new electric sound. “I Walked” is part of Sufjan’s upcoming album titled The Age of Adz which will be released on October 11th. After hearing this, I gotta admit, I’m pretty damn excited. Check It.

DJ Panic City Remixes…

25 Aug

Who is DJ Panic?

DJ, Party Rocker or Producer, call him what you like, but DJ Panic City is creating a buzz. Spinning records out of San Francisco, Panic City has had the pleasure of sharing the decks with some of the nation’s hottest DJ’s. Honing his craft with the wealth of talent surrounding him, the headlines begin.

Not your typical club DJ, Panic City brings the party to life with his turntable skills and self-produced remixes. Citing the late DJ AM as his #1 inspiration, Panic continues to carry on the live element of being a DJ. Performing trademark energetic mixes and using clever scratching routines to gain crowd reaction, Panic City makes it a priority to perform every time he steps behind the DJ booth.

Well versed in many aspects of the DJ game, Panic continues to expand his territory in the industry. Gracing the radio airwaves in the #4 ranked market in the US, becoming a member of Crooklyn Clan with fellow Shock Therapy Deejays of Las Vegas and teaming up with rising star Miles Medina to form a 4 turntable wrecking squad (URFRIENDS) are just some of the things Panic City is involved with at the moment.

Check out these dope remixes:

B.o.B.- “Airplanes (DJ Megaman & Panic City Remix)”

Journey- “Don’t Stop Believin’ (DJ Megaman & Panic City Remix)”

Alicia Keys- “Unthinkable (DJ Megaman Remix)”

Katy Perry- “California Gurls (DJ Panic City Remix)”

Ke$ha- “Your Love Is My Drug (DJ Panic City Remix)”

Drake- “Over (DJ Panic City Remix)”

Rihanna- “Rude Boy (DJ Panic City)”

Katy Perry- “Teenage Dream (DJ MegaMan and Panic City Remix)”

25 Aug

Katy Perry- “Teenage Dream (DJ MegaMan and Panic City Remix)”

Check out this fresh remix…

3OH!3 (feat. Wiz Khalifa)- “Double Vision Remix”

25 Aug

3OH!3 (feat. Wiz Khalifa)- “Double Vision Remix”

It’s nice to hear Pittsburgh’s own on something uptempo. In this track he jumps on board with the Colorado duo, 3OH!3 to make a song worth playing at your next party.

Take a listen…

New Wale (Not On The Mixtape)

25 Aug

Wale- “Hold You”

Simply Amazing: The Knocks- “Something I Can Dance To”

24 Aug

The Knocks- “Something I Can Dance To”

One of the best tracks I have heard in a while! I can’t take this off repeat.



New Lupe Fiasco Single. YES!!

24 Aug

Lupe Fiasco- “Go To Sleep”

Lovin’ this track…

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1:

I wipe the cold from my eye
Stationed in Antarctica coldest nigga alive
Flow is Armageddon might smite crows from the sky
Before you drive you have to wipe locusts off your rides
But I’m warming up oceans is on the rise
I be Ocean with 11 associates on my side
Colder than Chris Martin guitarin’
Would you look at all the spies
But they can’t see me I took out their eyes (I’s)
Replaced them with some me’s
So all they see is he’s
But I will never run not even if they cry
See I can never fall not even down their cheek
But I will always ball (bawl)
Let’s see who’s the 1st to blink
And I don’t need no passwords ’cause I don’t need to cheat
But you can say your last words then you can rest in peace
I’m the hook after your last verse
I’m also like the beat
But I will turn it down so you can Go To Sleep

Verse 2:
Insomniac since way back see this is what I been like
Bacon, eggs & pancakes eatin’ that at midnight
Gettin’ up & goin’ hard I don’t need no Enzyte
Come across as very calm mental state is Zen like
Always had a lot of heart never been the tin type
Never will I drop a dime never been the 10 type
My girlfriend is very fine yeah she is a 10 right?
Mink is draggin’ (dragon) on the floor fire in my windpipe
You should come and clean up after riots that I incite
Things got off the hand-ill (handle) left behind a landfill
Traffic at a stand still stadium is fan filled
Fill this bitch up with fans you still won’t blow my candle
Out my can do spirit’s in the house
And it’s possessing your possessions did you hear it by the couch?
Boogey man under your bed not in the closet ’cause I’m not a homo
Bonjour no dojo I won’t make a peep so you can…


Verse 3:
I wipe the cold from my eye
Then put it in my stove & hope that my dough rise
And that my clothes dry but I am so high
I’m sitting on the storm that I got soaked by
Now you can come close so you can get warm
But you get no pie but you can sell ’em for ’em
So here’s your bow-tie now get ready to fall
Humans don’t fly the boy in the balloon
See I didn’t go hide & I’m comin’ back to flow again
Close down all that opium, but I had to o-p-en
And they said they need a hero in it so I’m back to dope again
Pull up in that old-school Flinstone drop on rolling pins
Time is all behind me this made me feel old again
Grandma’s all around me I can feel her soul within
Hold my daddy over him
I woke the rooster’s woke the hen’s
Everything is cashmere count the sheep…

Bipolar Crazy Guy Sings Carrie Underwood Karaoke

24 Aug


George Fitzgerald Remix

23 Aug

Groove Theory- Tell Me (G. Fitzgerald Remix)

Via Asian Dan:

An amazing remix of a classic 90s slow jam by Groove Theory via Joy Orbison’s protege,George Fitzgerald. A chilled out, UK, off-kiltered, delicate, dance track that echoes and recontextualizes the 90s in the best way possible. Cheers, Mr. Fitzgerald.

Check It Out Here: