About Direct Proof

In mathematics and logic, a direct proof is a way of showing the truth or falsehood of a given statement by a straightforward combination of established facts, usually existing lemmas and theorems, without making any further assumptions. In order to directly prove a conditional statement of the form “If p, then q“, it suffices to consider the situations in which the statement p is true. Logical deduction is employed to reason from assumptions to conclusion.

Direct Proof serves as a logical solution to the musical knowledge problem. There is a whole world of great music in the world waiting to be discovered and by sharing the newest and greatest music from some of the world’s most underrated artists, we can enhance the musical wealth of every  listener. From electro, indie, hip-hop, house, lo-fi, you name it… if it’s a great track we’ll have it.

If you want to find the best new music, then make sure you subscribe to Direct Proof, oh and make sure you tell your friends!


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